“Never Give Up” – Award Nominated Short Film

Never Give Up is a motivational, short film that focuses a man who is suffering with partial disability in his legs. Throughout the film we explore this man’s struggle and how he manages to cope with his limitations and eventually overcome them. An emotional connection with this character is what makes this film so heart gripping. Continue reading

“Ignite Your Soul” – Motivational Video by Inspirationz

The human mind is indeed limitless. But in order to achieve this state, one should open his mind to the limitless possibilities. In other words, a person’s limitation is only himself. The power of the human imagination is visible to what our society has accomplished today.

Watch this motivational video and reprogram yourself in the positive way like what successful people do. Continue reading

“Failure: The Secret to Success” – Honda, the Power of Dreams

The condition or fact of not achieving the desired end or ends is called failure. Many people will quit when they fail. Failure is a scary result because it means a lack of success. However, failing does not mean a bad thing as long as you learn and make something positive about it. It is a by-product when you push the limits or you try something new.

Watch this motivational video from Honda about how failure will lead to success.
What do you think of failure? Was the video helpful?